For 11 years, MK Legal Service team has been supporting leaders in the restaurant business on all issues of opening catering establishments, obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, passing all stages of inspections, interacting with regulatory and law enforcement agencies, appealing their rulings, actions and inactions, registering intellectual property rights for decoration and design of establishments, brand, menu, recipes, cooking technology, appearance of dishes
Every founder of a restaurant goes through a difficult path from an idea to opening an establishment.
The task of a lawyer on this path is to study the desired business model in detail, choose a suitable business form, take on all the work of preparing documents, opening accounts, obtaining permits, and communicating with authorities to help the owner implement his cherished dream.
  • Selection of the legal form of conducting business
  • Obtaining the necessary documents on fire safety
  • Business registration
  • Obtaining an information voucher for the placement of a food court near restaurants
  • Development of internal documentation and policies
  • Obtaining advertising and sign approval
  • Creation of the taxation system and necessary registration documents
  • Support of inspections by the State Production and Consumer Service and controlling authorities
  • Consulting on the procedure and requirements for obtaining the necessary licenses and permits
  • Development of the corporate structure of a network of catering establishments
  • Obtaining licenses for alcoholic beverages and tobacco products retail trade
  • Registration of intellectual property rights
  • State registration of the facilities of the market operator
  • Consulting on the peculiarities of running a restaurant business under conditions of quarantine and other restrictions
  • Analysis and approval of the contract of lease or sublease of the premises for catering establishments
  • Registration of the declaration of compliance with the requirements of the legislation on fire safety