MK Legal Service lawyers support turnkey business registration, undertake all the necessary actions for the preparation of documents and interaction with authorities, the creation of corporate documents and the contractual basis of the enterprise, advise on debt restructuring, forms of business reorganization, consequences and procedure of liquidation, and support the entire liquidation process
The specialization of a lawyer in corporate law covers three main blocks: creation and registration of a business, current support of economic activity and making changes, reorganization, and liquidation of an enterprise.
At each of these stages, it is necessary to engage a legal advisor for the correct and legal establishment of the business for years to come, the correct applying of changes to the registers without errors, and, if necessary, the selection of the necessary form for reorganization and consulting on the liquidation of the enterprise.
  • Initial consultation on the requirements and procedure for business registration
  • Making any changes to the information about the legal entity and PE
  • Analysis of the business model for choosing the organizational and legal form of doing business
  • 24-hour business support
  • Selection of the organizational and legal form of conducting business, taking into account the specifics and directions of activity
  • Receiving and processing incoming documentation and correspondence
  • Preparation of documents and business registration
  • Preparation of responses to requests
  • Selection of the taxation system depending on business needs
  • Communication with authorities and representation of interests on behalf of the enterprise
  • Taxation system registration
  • Communication with counterparties and third parties and representation of interests on behalf of the enterprise
  • Obtaining confirming extracts from registers
  • Development of corporate documents: statutes, corporate and shareholder agreements, internal regulations, and orders
  • Development of model and sample contracts, acts of acceptance and transfer, expense invoices, and other documents
  • Analysis of the corporate structure of the business for purposes of reorganization
  • Full support of the bankruptcy case in the interests of creditors
  • Consulting on reorganization options
  • Support for the execution of court decisions
  • Analysis of the solvency of the business entity
  • Express liquidation of legal entities
  • Consulting on options for termination of a legal entity, procedure, and consequences
  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Disputes in the field of bankruptcy
  • Full support of the bankruptcy case
  • Protection of the interests of private individuals in criminal proceedings