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Blackout routine of MK Legal Service team

The light turns off, but MK Legal Service has no intention to stop!

Yes, we will not lie: at first, we, as everyone, slowed down a little, when the first blackout came out of nowhere. But then our team put ourselves together and continued working.

And how can you stop: one client is extensively developing the direction in the EU, another one plans to open one more catering establishment; and lately, we received a new request to support attracting investments in a “delicious” Ukrainian project?

But it is better to listen to our team from the office telling you about our everyday life: read our life stories.

Iryna Kryzhanovska, COO:

I have always been skeptical of the phrase that “crisis is the best time for growth”. However now I am convinced of this because with the war in the country there was indeed a crisis: with the supply of goods, with the provision of the military, and now — with electricity.
Despite all the circumstances that could make Ukrainians become weak, we have become stronger. New ideas, organizations, businesses began to appear, and our company is a vivid example.
We not only survived, but also successfully developed. The organization and planning skills of all employees have improved because the outage schedules encourage them to think ahead. We plan to grow and will make every effort to make business, the economy, and Ukraine prosper.

Tetiana Shulyak, lawyer: 

These times are really difficult, and for me, they are not about efficiency. This time is about survival, resistance, and work for victory.
The biggest “difficulties” arise due to rocket attacks, lack of communication and access to the Internet during power outages. I am fighting by donating for our army, while certain communication issues remain. 
But now the office has everything we need for work: Internet, light, heat, and even coffee. So, we work non-stop, although the lack of light and coffee has never stopped us :)

Nina Dzevenko, lawyer:

«Of course, air raids and blackouts cause numerous difficulties in work now because these reasons cause state institutions and the post office to often work unstably.
I adapt to follow the schedules of outages and prudently allocate time to perform tasks with a margin in case of an alarm.
Although it can be more difficult to get in touch due to mobile communication disruptions, it is a little easier with the Internet at work and the opportunity to visit “invincibility stations” :)

Anna Mytropan, lawyer:

In this difficult time of war and constant blackouts, the support of a friendly team helps to stay in line.
If I were alone, I would probably go crazy. At home, the usual life hacks save me: connecting the battery to the mains in time, battery-powered lamps, additional gigabytes for the Internet and using the phone as a hotspot :)
Special thanks to our management for the opportunity to work comfortably and meet everyday needs in the office with generators.

Artem Ostapenko, Head of IT/TMT practice:

The war dictates its conditions: it makes you do more and better, gives you strength and additional motivation, inspires you to find non-trivial solutions. That's because the soldiers defending our country with weapons in their hands must return to a stronger country with a modern and competitive economy.
My working days are filled with interesting and challenging tasks. It can be fulfilling all the requirements of European legislation for working in the EU, tracking all the legislative changes in each of the client's areas and helping them adapt to the new changing conditions of martial law.
We continue to work to support the reliability of the economy of our strong and independent Ukraine.

Serhii Husiev, Partner, Head of HoReCa and Retail practice:

In the wartime, you have to meet new challenges every day. However, all the troubles and difficulties only help to create new strategies for the implementation of such diverse tasks from clients.
Moreover, our clients are developing not only in Ukraine but also scaling their business abroad. Therefore, this is my personal step towards growth and getting out of my comfort zone.
Moreover, the success of clients inspires MK Legal Service to enter the international market and set even higher goals: over the past year, we have moved from the TOP 100 best law firms to the TOP 50.
Therefore, nothing is impossible for us and only new achievements are ahead!

Maksym Kurochko, Managing Partner:

2022 has shown the importance of the corporate culture that helps a team to continue working in such unpredictable conditions.
My task as a manager is to do everything to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable, can develop professionally and really do what inspires them. And we really succeed in this.
With such an enthusiastic team, MK Legal Service clients will definitely be satisfied, even if their task was done by flashlight. After all, your way and people you gather around you are equally important. So, now we go together to new achievements with confidence!

Faith in our army, support of team spirit, security, and work for the restoration of the Ukrainian economy brings us all closer to victory with every step. Therefore, now every Ukrainian makes an important contribution that helps to rebuild our state and bring it to a new level.